Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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In moments of stillness, the intimate sounds of our world emerge into the audible realm and bring with them a state of absolute peace. O premiered at the Pałac Radziejowice in Poland by members of the E-Mex ensemble Evelin Degen, Joachim Striepens and Martin von der Heydt.

O is scored for bass flute, bass clarinet and prepared piano.



O is an expression of convergence points, set as an analysis of air movements around the surface of cliff faces. As the work progresses, microtonal inflections cause a hum and beating of overtones to slowly unfold and bloom. A point at which the human body is truly enraptured within the environmental surrounds one stands within - this piece is an expression of being within the ancient movement and form of the elements. Once the barrier of separation between the observer and the environment evaporates into ideology, one can simply be without cause of separation from the surrounds we find ourself in. 

This work was written in Poland for members of the E-Mex ensemble: Evelin Degen (bass flute), Joachim Striepens (bass clarinet) and Martin von der Heydt (piano) while studying on the Synthetis International Summer School for Composition in Poland.