Kirsten Milenko

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Symphony d’aere

A piece on the subject of plastic pollution and its presence of interaction within our world. The extent of its touch is beyond anything we as a human race have so far experienced. Like a work of Frankenstein, plastics have now determined a life beyond our grasp and our influence.

We have created substances that do not lie dormant waiting for our use and have started to break down, amalgamating into the natural world… and yet we are part of our environment, inseparable from its flux and its flow. Everything that we interact with entwines with our daily lives and eventually our bodies. There is no separation.

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Acousmatic album with Sylvie Woods and Jacques Emery. Samples from voice and double bass are orchestrated and composed as musique concrète, inspired by forests.

Single from the upcoming album ‘Caeli’ - releases 2019.