Lux Aeterna - Premiere


Premiere of Lux Aeterna at Pulsar Festival - Q Gallery. Featured is Bartlomiej Sutt (right) with lights automated to fuse together the electronic and live elements of the music into the art gallery space. All electronic samples taken were from the vibraphone and mixed to exemplify a choir-like quality to the vibraphone part.

The work explores a decay and resonance of light to portray a vocal-like quality to the surrounding space. It is dedicated to the late major of Gdansk, Pawel Adamowicz and premiered the 6th March 2019 by Bartlomiej Sutt (percussion) and myself (light).

The work examines a decay of light as it is sustained, amplified and modifies in relation to surrounding sound sources. Patterns between flickers and phasing in drones form one of many layers in the orchestration of light and sound.

Photos taken by Margaux de Valensart.

Kirsten Milenko