Oremandsgaard Kammermusikfest 2019

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This was the 30th anniversary of the Oremandsgaard Chamber Music Festival in Denmark. I was invited to the festival to work with the composer in residence this year, Peteris Vasks, to sit in on his rehearsals and see the performances of his works during the week. It was a wonderful opportunity to see an established composer working. It was akin to an internship being able to observe his work in this way. We spoke a lot throughout the time at the music festival and had a lesson toward the end.

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It was the second year that the programme between two composers ran. The programme is really wonderful and I hope that in the future, more festivals will adopt this practice of featuring an established composer in their programming while bringing in an emerging composer to see how they work. Everyone in this field is so different, and an experience like this is so valuable.

Thank you to the organisers of this project: August Hage, Marie Koch and Marianna Shirinyan, to Pēteris Vasks and to all of the wonderful performers who made beautiful music each day. This festival brings so many people together and is a really beautiful experience that I am grateful to have been able to share.

More at: http://kammermusikfest.dk/

Kirsten Milenko