Night is worn - Premiere

Premiere-night is worn1.jpg

Premiere performance of Night is worn conducted by Jean Thorel with soloists Emma Ilona Mustaniemi (soprano) and Stephen George Yeseta (countertenor). Text sourced from William Blake’s ‘Songs of Innocence and of Experience’. Image: ‘The Great Red Dragon and The Woman Clothed With Sun’ also sourced from William Blake. A piece inspired by desolation, the work starts in a void-like state before progressing to show fleeting, yet significant, moments of light.

Excerpt of text:

When the stars threw down their spears
And water’d heaven with their tears…
The thrones of Kings are shaken,
Tombs in desolate places:
Night is worn
And the morn rises
from slumberous Mass;

And none shall gather leaves.


Picture: 'The Great Red Dragon and The Woman Clothed with Sun’ by William Blake.

Kirsten Milenko