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A piece on the subject of mining; Orbis was the first work composed in the Artefact Series collection of works in 2016, detailing the inflections and particular qualities of a performer and their characteristic of playing.

A narrative piece journeying deeper into the earth with each phrase to celebrate the beauty of the earth while also observing the extent to which the human touch passes over and within the planet.

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"Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music" - Goethe

In moments of stillness, the intimate sounds of our world emerge into the audible realm and bring with them a state of absolute peace. O is an expression of convergence points, set as an analysis of air movements around the surface of cliff faces. This work was written for and first performed by members of the E-Mex ensemble: Evelin Degen, Joachim Striepens, and Martin von der Heydt in Poland, 2016.

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