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Permiered 18th February 2018 by Andrzej Karałow and Pablo Sánchez-Escariche Gasch at the Pałac Łazienkowski in Warsaw, Poland. Vol translates directly from French as both theft and flight. The piece captures a fleeting moment as two worlds collide, one fading into the past and another rising into the present. All is overwhelmed and saturated in the knowledge of impending exile; that this is the last glimpse what was once home but can no longer be. It has been stolen and one must take flight. 

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Symphony d'aere

A piece on the subject of plastic pollution and its presence of interaction within our world. The extent of its touch is beyond anything we could have imagined and, like a work of Frankenstein, is now interacting with the world out of our control. We have created substances that have stepped beyond us, having a life of their own right down to the methods of which they interact within the ecosystem. 

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"Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music" - Goethe

In moments of stillness, the intimate sounds of our world emerge into the audible realm and bring with them a state of absolute peace. O is an expression of convergence points, set as an analysis of air movements around the surface of cliff faces. This work was written for and first performed by members of the E-Mex ensemble: Evelin Degen, Joachim Striepens, and Martin von der Heydt in Poland, 2016.

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