Milenko is a represented artist with the Australian Music Centre where a selection of scores and audio is available. Her produced work can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Live concert recordings are available through Soundcloud and YouTube.

On this page is a full catalogue of work. For any enquiries, please use the contact page.


à l'aube (2016): classical guitar - National Arboretum, Canberra - dedicated to Matt Withers

ad forestum (2017): classical guitar with acousmatic electronics - Recital Hall West, Sydney Conservatorium of Music - Dennis Van Rooyen

Bluebell (2014-19): piano

De-Voir (2017): piano - the Hamburg Staatsoper, collaboration with dancer/choreographer Hayley Page [Hamburg Ballet Junge Choreografen]

Lux Aeterna (2019): percussion [vibraphone with electronics of light and sound] - Bartłomiej Sutt

Orbis (2016): cello with electronics - Recital Hall West, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - with James Morley

To Dust (2016): prepared piano - Sa Taronja Associació Cultural, Mallorca 

We Are Only Breathing (2018): percussion [marimba and 10 Thai bao gongs] - Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen - dedicated to Kalle Hakosalo


Canthus (2018):  classical guitar duo - Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen - dedicated to the Scandinavian Guitar Duo

l’exhale (2014): soprano, piano - University of New South Wales - with Briannah Gordon

Le Vol (2018): soprano saxophone and piano - Pałac Łazienkowski, Warszawa - dedicated to Andrzej Karałow and Pablo Sánchez-Escariche Gasch

Mourning Song (2014): flutes, cello - University of New South Wales - Regan Mooney and Cody Shanahan


Altétité (2019): trio for violin and two percussionists [2 vibraphones, 5 gongs, bass drum, 2 cymbals] - Gdansk, Poland - Bartłomiej Sutt

Eardstapa (2018-19): song cycle for soprano voice and string quartet - Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen

Élégie (2015): trio for soprano, viola, piano - Music Workshop, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Light Movements (2017): baroque recorder quartet (2xtenor, bass, great bass) - dedicated to the Judgement of Paris Quartet

Lys (2018): quintet for flute, clarinet in B-flat, percussion [vibraphone, chain, bass drum, Thai bao gongs], piano [prepared], violin - dedicated to Ensemble Offspring

O (2016): trio for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano - dedicated to the E-Mex Ensemble

Pastiche (2019): soprano saxophone, bass trombone, percussion, piano, cello, guitar - dedicated to Ensemble K!ART, Copenhagen

Sleepless Eremite (2018): Chinese flutes, yangqin, pipa, erhu, cello, piano - Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen 

Somniare (2017): bass clarinet and accordion - the Austriackie Forum Kultury, Warsaw - dedicated to the Dziołak / Stankiewicz Duo

Wachtraum (2015): String Quartet no.1 - Verbrugghen Hall, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music


Eorðrice (2019): clarinet in A with string orchestra - dedicated to Léa Hemmerlin

Opia (2018): mixed ensemble (1,1,1,1 - 1,0,0,0 - perc, str) - dedicated to the Esbjerg Ensemble conducted by Rei Munakata


l’espace (2016): orchestra (3+picc,3+cor,3,3 - 4,3,3,2 - timp, perc, hp, str), Verbrugghen Hall, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - dedicated to the Modest Orchestra, conducted by Kirsten Milenko

Night is worn (2019): orchestra and two voices - Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen; conducted by Jean Thorel

Symphony d’aere (2017): wind symphony with solo violin, Verbrugghen Hall, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - dedicated to the Sydney Conservatorium Wind Symphony, conducted by John P. Lynch with soloist Annabelle Swainston

Symphony d’aere - reduction (2019): wind symphony with solo violin, for the WASBE Conference in Buñol, Spain; conducted by John P. Lynch with soloist Anna Da Silva Chen


Enthymeme (2015): mixed vocal ensemble - the Sydney Conservatorium of Music 

O Vos Angeli (2015): small choir - the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Rosary (2015): large choir - the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Speak (2018-19): Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen - dedicated to DR VokalEnsemblet


Caeli (2018): ambisonic concert work, Kablys, Vilnius, in tandem with NORD+MIX Workshop and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Dislocation (2015): film score for animation artist Harrison Flemming

Énouement (2018): ambisonic concert work of field recordings, the Royal Danish Academy of Music

Into Glass (2016): acousmatic concert piece of field recordings

Poetics of Abstraction (2018): stereo installation at the Charlottenborg Palace, Copenhagen, for Pulsar Festival

Snowline (2016): acousmatic concert piece of field recordings 


Collection I (2018-19): Early Learning Pieces for solo piano

Water Tangent (2017-19): cycle of works for solo piano





Ex Aere (2017) - single

Released 31st December 2017.

Kirsten Milenko (composition and electronics), Sylvie Woods (voice), Jacques Emery (double bass). Album artwork by Brontë Hock.

Premiered in City Recital Hall as part of the Unashamedly Original Computer Music Festival.

Available on [iTunes] - [Spotify] - [Bandcamp]

ex-aere art_1024.jpg

Caeli (2019) - album

Upcoming electroacoustic album featuring Sylvie Woods (voice) and Jacques Emery (double bass).

Releases in three stages: Sydney, Copenhagen, Vilnius 

Kirsten-Milenko_3-01-2017 16 01 38.jpeg

When the image is new, the world is new
— Gaston Bachelard [Poetics of Space]